Bench Calibrator

Bench Calibrator

BenchCalibratorsCalibratingIndicators 232x300 - Bench Calibrator

The Gagemaker calibrator gages, CG-1001 or CG-1001E, calibrate gages and indicators per AGD specification. These calibrators are ideal for shops with space concerns and/or with numerous gages with less stringent calibration requirements than an MT-4000 provides.

The CG-1001 uses a non-rotating spindle screw type micrometer which reads directly to .0001” and can be estimated to the closest .00005”. The CG-1001E uses a digital version with an SPC Output.

Disassembling the gage is not required for calibration. The vise assembly allows full vertical and horizontal adjustment of the gage or indicator clamped in the vise jaws. During calibration, an outboard arm and arm support allows for larger gage assemblies to be securely supported.

Four supplied accessory fixtures will help speed up calibration while maintaining accuracy. Bench calibrators are shipped in a durable custom Pelican shipping/storage case.

The CG-1001 is our standard bench calibrator, while the CG-1001E is our digital version which includes an SPC output. The CG-1000 models are shipped in a durable custom shipping/storage case.
Bench calibrator fixtures are included with the purchase of any bench calibrator, but they are also offered individually as additional or replacements. These fixtures are used in calibration of select gages. Fixtures are not required for calibrating all gages; however, some gages require two fixtures for calibration.