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Thread runout is the measurement of the abruptness with which the buttress thread is terminated at the triangle end of the thread. A rapid pull-out of the cutting tool results in steep slope at the end of the thread. This causes high stress at the contact point when the coupling is made-up.

Buttress runout gages ensure proper thread pullout on runout type threads. Gagemaker buttress runout gages (BR-2000 Series) have standard 1″ and 2″ point spacing. Includes one contact point (TBR) and shoes.

Mitutoyo Calipers 300x184 - Mitutoyo Products


TCalipers are the universal measuring tool thanks in part to their versatility. Most calipers 12”/300mm and under can perform OD, ID and step measurements and normally have a depth rod for measuring deep recesses. Calipers are available with plastic, stainless steel and carbide jaws to match your measurement requirements.

Calipers of various sizes and material are available with either vernier, dial or electronic displays. English dial calipers are normally graduated in .001” and have either .100” or .200” range per rev. Metric dial calipers are normally graduated in 0.01mm or 0.02mm and have either 1.0mm or 2.0mm range per rev.

Various styles of the Digimatic calipers (electronic displays) are offered in different versions with and without SPC outputs: standard electronic, solar powered, and an extra durable submersible option. Solar calipers never need a new battery as they work off basic indoor lighting. The Absolute Coolant Proof calipers are rated IP67 for the greatest waterproof rating available and can withstand submersion in coolant.

Gagemaker offers the following groups of Mitutoyo calipers base on display style:

  • Dial Calipers
  • Digimatic Calipers (Electronic/Digital)
  • Vernier Calipers

Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Testers - Mitutoyo Products

Form Measurement

A small, lightweight, and extremely easy to use surface roughness measurement instrument that lets you view surface roughness waveforms right on a color LCD screen.

The popular Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness measurement instrument designed as a handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site. The SJ-Series testers work great with the Mitutoyo Height gages.

Mitutoyo Gages - Mitutoyo Products


Mitutoyo offers a wide range of various gages found or needed in most shops and labs.Mechanical height gages have three basic types: dial, vernier, and digital counter. Dial height gates are usually only available under 12” and are easily stored. Vernier gages range from 6” to 6’ with one or two scales. Digital counter gages decrease part layout time and are easier to read.

Digimatic or electronic height gages are broken into three groups. Group 1 are similar to mechanical gages in accuracy but have additional features like inch/metric conversion and data output. Group 2 includes all features of Group 1 but with higher accuracies and more features, like tolerance settings, ID/OD measurement, etc. Generally, Group 3 has even higher accuracies coupled with all of the features of the first two groups plus more sophisticated features, like a computer interface or motorized probes.

Other reference gages, especially gauge blocks, are also useful, popular shop instruments. Mitutoyo gauge blocks are divided into three levels: lab, inspection, and shop. Lab grade blocks must be kept under controlled environmental conditions and are manufactured with the highest precision available.

Inspection grade blocks are the Goldilocks blocks. They don’t need a controlled environment but they can’t be kept and knocked around on the shop floor. They’re just right in the middle providing the perfect fit for most at the best value in cost versus high accuracy.

Shop grade blocks are the basic blocks found on a shop floor and are expected to endure quite a bit of wear and tear. While shop blocks don’t need a controlled environment or have the tightest tolerances, they are made of the finest materials and up to Mitutoyo’s strict standards of quality providing the basic accuracy a shop floor needs.

Gagemaker offers these Mitutoyo Gages.

  • Dial Digimatic Height Gages
  • Linear Height Gages
  • Mechanical Height Gages
  • Reference Gages/Gauge Blocks

Mitutoyo Inside Measuring Tools - Mitutoyo Products

Inside Measuring Instruments

Inside measuring instruments are useful in measuring bores. Mitutoyo offers a mechanical and electronic instruments for bore measurement.* Both types offer two distinct measurement methods, two-point and three-point contact. Mechanical tools can further be divided by what type of scale used, direct reading or not.

Deciding between a two-point (Bore Gage) and three-point method (Holtest or Digimatic Holtest) is the first step in determining bore measurement devices. Bore gages and Holtests have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Bore gages can detect a more vivid geometric picture of the bore providing specific data on ovality, barrel, taper, and bell mouth. However, such information comes at the price of speed, as the inspection takes longer than the three-point method. With a MIN hold function, electronic bore gages can overcome excesses in inspection time.

Holtests are a quick and easy measurement tools. While they are fast and for anyone, they give an averaged reading of the overall picture. So, any outlying reading may lead to unwarranted additional inspections.

Both bore gages and holtests are with electronic and mechanical reading display devices. Electronic devices may have an output system to directly transfer data to another source.

*Air gaging is also offered in another category.

Gagemaker offers three types of Mitutoyo Inside Measuring Instruments.

  • Bore Gages (Two-point method)
  • Holtests (Three-point method)
  • Digimatic Holtests (Three-point method)

Mitutoyo Micrometers - Mitutoyo Products


Micrometers are industry standard measuring tools because of their high accuracy and resolution and ease of use. Mechanical micrometers are available in .001” and .0001” (0.01mm and 0.001mm) graduations. Digimatic micrometers (electronic displays) normally have .0001” or .00005” and 0.001mm resolutions. Standard micrometers are available up to 40”/1,000mm, but larger micrometers can be manufactured as a special-order item.

Many types of specialty micrometers are available to measure difficult-to-reach features. While many types of slip-on anvil adapters are available, a specialty micrometer is the best tool for the job.

Gagemaker offers these styles of Mitutoyo micrometers and parts:

  • Digimatic Micrometers
  • Mechanical Micrometers
  • Micrometer Heads
  • Micrometer Standards

Mitutoyo Optical Measurement - Mitutoyo Products

Optical Measurement

Gagemaker offers two types of Mitutoyo Optical Measurement devices:

  • Microscopes: Toolmaker’s microscopes and measuring microscopes differ from standard microscopes in one unique way–their ability to measure via a movable microstage, which allows the workpiece to be moved under the optics system. A measuring device (mike heads or DRO system) can measure the microstage travel while the operator moves the workpiece below a crosshair in the optics system from one feature to another. The Mitutoyo toolmaker’s microscope also has a built-in protractor for measuring feature angles. Measuring microscopes are the big brother of toolmaker’s microscopes. They generally have larger stages and options for video systems.
  • Profile Projectors: Also called optical comparators or shadowgraphs, profile projectors come in two basic types with many variations of each type. The first and most widely used in industry is the horizontal model. The second is the vertical model. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Profile projectors are available from small bench-top models to larger units that can be closet size.

Mitutoyo Other Small Tools - Mitutoyo Products

Other Small Tools

Gagemaker offers a large assortment of other Mitutoyo small tools like micrometer stands, hand tachometers, combination squares, pitch gages, pocket comparators, telescoping gages, steel rules, protractors, wigglers, scribers, and much more.

Mitutoyo Bench Center - Mitutoyo Products

Other Instruments

Mitutoyo has a large selection of other instruments and tools that encompass a wide variety of specialized inspections and measurements not listed on this page.

At present, we have a limited offering, but it will expand over time.


Mitutoyo Test Indicators - Mitutoyo Products

Test Indicators

Dial test indicators are available in several styles that allow the operator to see the dial face while measuring the workpiece. The most common test indicator is the horizontal style. Normally attached to a height gage or transfer stand to take measurements on a surface plate, it is also used in a milling machine to align or center workpieces. Pocket Style Dial test indicators are available in styles that allow an operator to reach into pockets using the pocket style or long-point style indicator. The swivel point test indicator moves in two planes and allows the operator to swivel the contact point 360°. Uses: Dial test indicators are used to transfer measurements to a height master, check for flatness or TIR, tram in a hole on a machine tool, center a workpiece in a lathe and measure small steps.