Rotor Inspection Gages

Today in the oil field industry, unique high-performance power sections require accurate measurement tools for rotors and stators. Gagemaker has designed several gages to measure various parts of the rotor.

t mic rotor inspection 300x248 - Rotor Inspection Gages

Rotor Major Diameter (T-MIC)

Due to high spirals on the lobes, conventional measurement gages cannot be used for measuring rotor major diameters. Gagemaker developed the T-MIC to measure a rotor’s major diameter. The T-MIC’s base spans across two lobes on one side of the centerline and uses a micrometer thimble on the other to measure the diameter. Instead of modifying an existing micrometer, Gagemaker custom builds each T-MIC. Each T-Mic is made to fit a 1″ range of rotor diameters.Gagemaker’s rugged design far exceeds all others on the market today.

Special sizes, metric thimbles, and metric sizes are available; contact customer service for more information.


MM 0 6 in use 183x300 - Rotor Inspection Gages

Gagemaker’s minor diameter micrometer (MIC) gage

Gagemaker’s minor diameter micrometer (MIC) gage was designed to measure a rotor’s minor diameter. The spiral lobes on the rotor produce a valley, or minor diameter. The depth of the minor diameter from the major diameter requires a 1” travel indicator stem. Gage range is 0” – 6”, which allows measuring most rotor sizes with only one gage. Ensuring the gage’s durability and long life, Gagemaker’s design uses a heavy duty indicator stem and bearing housing to withstand side loads. Special sizes are available.


CAW 2000 on Core Pipet 123x300 - Rotor Inspection Gages

Core Alignment

Verification that the core was properly placed when the stator was molded is easily checked using the Core Alignment Gage. The digital gage plunges a needle through the rubber to contact the core. Measurements are made at 180° locations to verify that the core is indeed centrally located to the OD of the stator.

The gage is supplied with brass alignment inserts that match the thread of the injection ports.


Rotor Saddle Gage RSG 16 300x291 - Rotor Inspection Gages

Lobe Height

The lobe height gage, also known as a rotor saddle gage, is the last weapon in the rotor inspection arsenal. This gage sets on top of the spiral lobes of the rotor and measures the variation in lobe height. Sliding the gage along the length of the rotor detects variation in root to crest height of all the lobes. Measurements can be taken at 90° or 180° intervals to provide an accurate dimensional map of the relationship between lobes. This inspection aids in manufacturing the rotor to specification.