Tapered Thread Functional Size

Tapered Thread Functional Size

MRP 5000 on Pin 300x233 - Tapered Thread Functional Size

The MRP-5000 series of gages use hardened and ground thread rolls to inspect functional size of tapered threaded connections. The MRP-5000 gages are adjustable within a size range and have interchangeable thread rolls for inspection of all API thread forms.

Gages require setting before use. Unless otherwise noted, standards and thread rolls are sold separately.

MRP® Tapered Thread Functional Size Gages

The gages must be preset to size using one of a variety of setting methods available. Refer to the setting standards below. Please specify preferred taper arms (3/4” or 1” TPF) when ordering. Thread rolls and standards are sold separately.

*Please specify taper when ordering. Built to one specific taper. One taper per gage. Set of thread rolls included.

MRP® Thread Rolls

MRP® Tapered Thread Functional Size Frame Style Setting Standards

frame standards 300x249 - Tapered Thread Functional Size

Frame style setting standards are designed to preset the MRP® functional size gages for accurate inspection of threaded tubing and casing connections. These standards consist of a rigid, non-adjustable steel block precision machined to proper size to tolerances of ±.0003″.

Standards not listed may still be available via custom/special order. Please contact us directly for more information.


Tubing Connections Frame Standards